My first design job was transforming an old warehouse into a beautiful event space. At that time, I was preparing to launch my event planning business.  But something happened along the way: I realized that I loved bringing that space to life so much that I could do that over and over again, and never get bored. I was inspired to get my hands on other spaces and infuse my own style with the style of future clients: be it a living room makeover, a kitchen renovation or a whole house remodel. So I launched my interior design business on Georgia Street in 2010.

My motto is: Live a well designed life.  In my free time, I’m an intrepid traveler who takes inspiration from all over the world.  I live in a beautiful, historic home with my handsome husband, our son, Creighton, and our three dogs. I appreciate beautiful places and beautiful objects, but being a true Southern woman, it is people that I really enjoy.

All these years later, interior design is still my business.  Since those early days on Georgia Street,  I have built up an incredible team of talented designers that I get to work with everyday.  From the initial consultation to the final installation, it gives us great satisfaction to make where you live and where you work feel special.

As interior designers, people invite us into their homes and into their lives.  We meet their spouses, their pets, their children, and it is a privilege to be able to influence the space that will be the backdrop to their memories. We value the relationships that develop as we work to create spaces that truly reflect who our clients are and how they want to live.

Meredith Cline Beregovski
Owner & Lead Designer